Some walls are simply… meant to be

Sometimes feeling the joy for a particular discovery it’s very hard, because the fall it’s even harder if things don’t turn out as hoped. Yet, it’s not that impossible to believe it either, after 4 years of practice. So, why not believe it? It doesn’t really cost me anything to think positive one more time.

In the end, it’s just… another wall to put down 😀 In a way or another…

Still, it’s so scary to actually believe that I have that much power over my own universe… as highly intuitive as I may be 😀 Not to mention that, all I ever-ever-ever wished for… was just to have A NORMAL JOB.

Anyway, I’m happy. Just by knowing that I know, I can draw just as much energy as I’ll ever need 🙂

Disclaimer: In drum spre casa, ma gandeam sa scriu un post cu titlul: Vreau sa ma mut in Tei. Pentru ca pur si simplu mi s-a facut pofta sa locuiesc in Tei… am stat o ora aseara cautand garsoniere de inchiriat…

3 thoughts on “Some walls are simply… meant to be

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