May 2013

I can see it. And it’s a veeeeeery long and happy road until then! There are 2 more months of full Summer, there is Autumn, there is Winter… and there is Spring.

2 more months of Summer. I discovered that I kinda ruined June, but I promise I will relax more and I will have more fun these next 2 months. Plans? Absolutely none. Just to be happy. And to make happy as many people around me as I can. And I know that I can do that!

To more practical things… the plan for today is just to lay in bed and watch movies and cry along. I’ve been post-poning this for a lot of time and I’m not that strong to tell myself that everything is ok and act like nothing happened. I need this, to clean my heart and I know I’ll be fine after. I survived harder times…

I may be crying just for “how happy” I will feel after. I have to clean the house, the kitchen, wash the dishes and stuff. Make coffee… I would probably fix the bike, in the afternoon, the front wheal is down, again…

The plan for tomorrow is to go to swim in the morning and then, just to be happy. I could go to swim now, but my body is suffering too much to get down of this bed.

And maybe next weekend I will finally arrive to the beach, if I’ll manage my money right. And that’s about it.

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