Sometimes we need (a day) only to dream

This week I realized that It’s not sleep that refreshes me for a new day to come. It’s the dreams that I have in it…

Last night after leaving the Scarabeo I couldn’t go just home. I walked to “down town”. And, on the same Lipscani Street, I saw a cute guy sitting alone on a bench, almost asleep. It instantly reminded me of you… and I couldn’t help being trapped into a dream: me standing on the same bench, next to you, then you, needy and vulnerable started to kiss me out of nowhere, so passionately.

So, guided by the excitement of this the impulse, I went to Mojo. I was dreaming… I felt a strange pain in the chest as I entered there, but I think these were only emotions. Emotions that I needed to create. I wrote a poem, on the phone just after leaving from there.. At the first reading it makes no sense, but I did manage to write another poem, from you.

“And I’m scared and alone and the night is too long and the light in your eyes is too far;
Anywhere, where I go, it’s a dream, as you know, close to me, yet too cold, in your arms;
If I’ll go in the dark there’s no way I’ll reach out, there’s a lost soul in there;
In your mind, dream of me, come to me, need me, love me, there’s my heart, far from me;
There’s to see in this dream, I miss you now it seems, please come back, it’s just me.”

I remembered you kissing me on the cheek, before the play of “the Merchant of Venice”… why couldn’t everything be just like that between us? Yet, I remember I was trembling very hard then, from emotions and also from the cold, I was coming straight from ice-skating. So that kind of passion, on a long-term isn’t good either… we need air to breathe.

Anyway, saturday will always be Your day, in my life, no matter where I am and what I do… which is a little sad, though, but without sadness we may never know how to appreciate happiness and serenity. Sometimes we need just a little sadness to arrive to that illuminating serenity. 🙂

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