North Node – Gemini – 8th house

Letting go of overly idealistic values. Keeping your personal morals but  becoming less self-righteous about them. Finding out what other people value by  asking them. Becoming more curious about what other people hold dear. Becoming  curious about other people’s “stuff.” Developing curiosity about what other  people consider taboo and why. Becoming curious about sex. Staying alert to  other people’s taboos. Developing curiosity about your own emotional baggage.  Reading up on psychology. Allowing yourself to be curious about the occult.  Learning to adapt to other people’s values and priorities. Becoming flexible in  response to learning about other people’s emotional baggage. Moving away from  moralistic attitudes. No longer holding onto knowledge as if it were a  possession. Getting interested in the ways people transform in response to  emotional crisis. Learning about death. Speaking to people from a point of deep  interest. Developing a lighter approach to sex. Letting yourself be delighted by  fleeting moments of deep intimacy and shared secrets.
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