A smile to hold me for 3 months

I got a private journal, with a little key, from my colleagues. As a “Good-bye present”. And a little book with written excerpts about parallel universes, quantum physics and different dimensions… Still, I don’t even know if all these are real, or they are just some form of artistic writing. Yet, ART, is said to be coming from a higher dimension of consciousness, nevertheless.

I didn’t believe such a book can really be written, because it makes my whole originality completely futile… until the moment when… he smiles at me with all his heart and he pulls himself together just to wish me good-luck into my new professional adventure.

They told me I should be happy, because I have everything.

But I’m sure that I don’t. Or, at least, not now and here. I feel like everything that the universe has conspired for me to have it’s not even mine, it still belongs to The Universe. He – is somewhere else, in space. And when He is here – in space – , He is not here – in time – . And that’s only because I belong to a different Universe…

And I truly wish, in this whole new Universe, that I won’t wake up again, as this morning, with the feeling that my heart is breaking into 2 pieces. I should be able to survive with only half of it, right? And also, with only half of every Chakra I have in my body, right?

Yet, in that smile, I was able to read Respect, Gratitude, a little Naughtiness and an incredibile desire for Emotional Freedom.

Mars entered my 12th House, Moon conjunct South Node is transiting natal Moon&Chiron. Mercury in transit, in my 9th House, direct after retrograde, is square Pluto from 12th. Jupiter entered 8th House.

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