I’m wasting my Luck

Today I forgot my keys at home… lucky that at entering into the building a mom was opening the door and I didn’t even get the chance to acknowledge that I don’t have the keys. Then, up, at the door, italian music was playing 😀 Almost everyday at the hour of arriving home there was only the cat waiting for me… and sad, but true, a kat cannot unlock doors. Even if it’s a he kat.

Anyways. I bought myself a czech-english-czech dictionary. I must have been either completely naive or either incredibly lucky that it didn’t even cross my mind in 3 weeks here to buy one. I suffered for a moment, in the first day, when I realized that I don’t have an application for the smart phone that could see the word through the camera and then automatically translate it…

What else? Yeah.. not that. In that field I think I will never be lucky enough to attract (and to be attracted by) a male without a girlfriend. But in the past years I think I’ve gathered enough experience into how to handle this kind of situations, positively.

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