The theatre beats the real life

I’m talking about this. It’s in Romanian and it starts in the future, somewhere where real chicken eggs are not eatable anymore, because it has been discovered that they could be a threat to people’s health, due to some potential DNA mutation.

Phoebe and Daniel is a story-series that I have invented 5 years ago when I was feeling very lonely and I started making up imaginary friends, because I knew that no matter what I will dream about them they will never reject me. The first parts were in English, I think they may still be saved somewhere on the Internet…

Anyway, it comes a time when these imaginary friends may seem to have become not necessary anymore. It seems that the story is not just a story anymore, it seems that it is real. Or maybe this is still just another thing invented by the despair of my loneliness. Yet, sometimes I feel like I’m reading the future through it. Or, at least a potential future.

Daniel from my story… I have no idea why I picked this name, it just seemed perfect for the story. I knew 2 Daniels back then, that I found special, and life brought at my foot steps other 4, after that. One more special than the other, yet none with Scorpio Venus. And Phoebe… because it makes 33 and because it is a mixture between the girl from Friends and the girl from Charmed. But still, Jason should remain my main priority.

And I didn’t know any Jason(s) when I invented the story with the Moon.

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