Mars – 1st, Venus – 9th. Insights

The part with the Venus might be right, but the part with the Mars – not really. Very very low energy level. Don’t have the drive not even for a walk outside. I get it, yesterday was too cold for walking outside, anyway, so maybe today I could go to walk the dog. What? A, yes. Sorry. Don’t own a dog. But maybe I should get one. And introduce it to the cat from the apartment.

So, Mars, in the first house. Could it be because it still conjuncts Saturn, that’s why my energy level is so down. Probably after the 20th of September (I have a hunch) it will get better. At a mental level I am in a mood to start some team sports: Volley or Basket.. I should find a gym that provides this and I must buy a sport suit and some shoes and go for it. And the first thing I should do is learn how to play these sports in Czech. It’s starting to become kinda difficult not being able to speak the language. After one month here, I sense that people are kinda starting to lose their patience. Maybe if I will just sign in for some language classes… this could satisfy Venus from the 9th house.

What else.. Sun preparing to enter the 11th house. Maybe that’s why I have this mood for team-sports. When I was in highschool and in college it was very simple. I had sports obligatory in the curriculum, so I had to go. And I remember I liked very much badminton and gymnastics when I was in the elementary. I also played basket in highschool and volley in college. Not professionally, but just enough to keep me fit. After it, you saw the difference…  almost 30 pounds in 4 years. Got lighter, though, after the summer-autumn of 2010, then I was able to maintain it for about a year, but now my metabolism is screwed up again, due to all the stress I was submitted starting the spring of this year.. which shows itself in the Mars transit (direct and retrograde) through the 10th house, while squaring the Sun from the 2nd.

I’m starting to see now, the positive meaning of the Jupiter conjunct with the Moon and Chiron. Though, that step ahead could also be attributed to Sun+Venus conjunct NN in the 8th house.. Sometimes in Los Angeles can literally mean “Among the Angels” – Prague representing for me the center of the heaven, since I’m paid in royal crowns :D.

Still, It does give me enough adrenaline when I think how far away from home I am, even if I speak on the phone with mommy just as often as I was doing from Bucharest – like 2 times a week. Far – just in money speaking – because it takes just about 2h to travel those 1300 km. To leave to America would have been too much. Even if I managed to live and study 5 months in Spain, which was farther. Than Czech Republic. And there, it wasn’t easy either, at the beginning, even if I knew the language.

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