How right is The Right Way?

How First is The First Time? And, which way it is if it’s not “this way”?

In a positive record, now, this morning I found a strayed pair of sunglasses, over my desk, at work. It took me about 2 hours to discover the positive spiritual meaning of this encounter: The Sun is so bright over my street that I need to wear sunglasses just to look at it 😀

And the second positive thing: I understood how much money I have to take from my wallet when the guy from the store said: dvacet dva.

Yes, there is a third one: Thank you for making me cry. Again… for no particular reason, aside from the fact that “the planets were aligned, for that”.

It’s been only two weeks from my previous emotional storm. I felt very good after. Actually, I am able TO FEEL again. So, until the next time THE EGO will take over me and I will convert myself, again, in a calculating machine, bye-bye blog.

Now, Happy Ending!

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