After all, which one is the one helping?

I so much enjoy things here when I dare to do them the way I really like to do them. After all, I didn’t come until here just so I could lock myself in the house making budget plans every evening…

Now I’m planning to leave a road of dumpling pieces just so that Love could find her way until me… And I even think that the times when the marriages were set up by the parents weren’t that bad. They say the appetite comes while eating… maybe this is how love works for me also, it grows with time. Back to the arranged marriages… sorry, I just heard this song on the radio and it should fit here:

So, how many from the magical couples who fought this really lived happily ever after?

Maybe I did get what I needed this time: enough time “in between” to be able to come up with my own story. Perhaps, Mars in LIbra was really taken into consideration in all this… not to mention pour Venus in Scorpio, that doesn’t know anything else but to suffer. Perhaps I’m that damsel in distress that doesn’t even see that she needs to be saved.

I wrote a whole post when I was dinning (alone) at the restaurant down stairs… but now it makes no sense publishing it. I leave you with a portion of a typical czech meal that I forgot how it’s called. It doesn’t look very good, but it tasted quite good. For the first time in my life I had cream, cranberries and meat in the same plate and I was able to eat it 😀

To conclude, I really hope I’m included in the “relaxation” category, although “partying” doesn’t sound bad either…

Still, it’s not fair living some story and having no one with whom to share it. And I’m not going to change the way I am… just because. I really miss, since I got here, that I was never able to create my own world and delve deeply into it, making all the surrounding look magical.

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