When you have everything, where do you put it?

I may say that even Czech Airlines worked in my favour. Because when I booked my flight back I was thinking only on how to return home, for vacation, as fastest as possible. On October 30th, when I got the email that the flight I have chosen so carefully was cancelled, I knew that something bigger is about to happen. And I even felt relieved, because it was like I have won 1 extra day to enjoy what I worked for.

After that date, my universe was changed completely and I added higher plans to those that I already had – amongst, to revisit London.

When I got on very familiar ground, like sharing a room with my only real brother, I started reading some of my previous posts and I’m not proud about a lot of things that I wrote, even if some were just in a joking way. I even thought that is going to have to pass a lot of time until I will find the creativity to write something new. But it happened even faster than I thought. And I should be positive, while really integrating it in my personality, because until now, most of the times, I only had it told by the people around me.

3 months have passed and life still continues. And to be honest, I was so lacking in self-confidence, from the interviews until even some days before today, being so convinced inside that I’m not going to make it. Why? I don’t honestly know, but it could be just because I was mentally conditioned that way. But I did make it. My mind is still fighting backwards but it will give in eventually.

And from now on, the story changes, because I will not only have to prove that I can survive and create a very comfortable way for living, for myself and the people I love (which at this moment includes only my family) but I will also have to prove that I can perform at the greatest standards. So, when you have everything, where do you put it? It’s happening that each time something changes, a better thing comes to replace it.

PS. Yesterday I got to December, 2013. Purely by mistake, while trying to correct something greater than time. And barely this morning I realised it. What is, greater than time, anyway? What word was that? Yes, brilliant! ♥

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