Merry 2013. year vibe 6. personal year 9

Ok, it’s not yet 2013, but I have a hunch to draw a pre-line of what 2012 brought me from what I wished and to draw some plans for 2013.


– I am kinda thankful for not suffering from hunger. Although I had some periods when I found myself craving over a particular something and I didn’t have the money to get it. So plan for 2013: make a better budget plan.
– I am thankful for recovering somewhat fast from the times when I was cold and catched a… cold. The most I suffered in August and September from switching from the very high temperatures in Bucharest to the chilling weather in Prague. Although I still don’t know a non-stop pharmacy around here, I am thankful that I can make a stock of medicines, as big as I want, thanks to the flexi passes.
– I am very thankful for having access to youtube. And when I wished it I had no absolute idea how it will become true. 🙂
– I think I was respected enough, for “intruding” into a country with absolute no knowledge of the local language;
– Not so thankful about the comforting advices that I received, so much that, for some months in spring and summer I felt I was fighting completely alone against the whole world. But things started to improve from November when I discovered that “we are many”.
– At the “dreams interpretations and hugs” department… completely not-satisfied. The most hugs I remember receiving this year were “farewell hugs” and all the dreams interpretations (I found on internet) where negative intended. Later update: a bit recovered on this part, thanks to the “Christmas party” hugs, “my birthday” hugs and “Happy Holidays” hugs.
– As for the access to information, freedom of thinking and smooth evolutionary path… maybe I had too high expectations from myself, because the only thing that prevented them was having no more energy or time. But this is where 2013 comes into play 😀

Still: I am thankful that I was able to see Venice, to revisit London and to have the opportunity to work in a foreign country. I think, from all the foreign countries that I had the chance to visit, the Czech Republic, and Prague to be more specific, is a very good city to live in from 3 main and very important reasons:

– the transportation infrastructure is very well done and at times you may even set your clock by the punctuality of the trams and buses;
– the food in alimentary stores and lunch restaurants/cantinas has the same price as in Romania (due to only 14% VAT);
– the people are very polite and courteous;
– (bonus): you can have 4 years of maternity leave for 1 child 😀

And plans for 2013… keeping in mind that the vibe is very compatible to my natal vibe (33/6) it should be a very happy year.

So, a big Happy Thank You, 2012 😉 I have some czech to learn now.

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