In today’s… words

Last night I had a weird dream. Ok, weirder than the usual weird dreams. But, what to expect?!, I’m used already, everything that includes the character from the dream last night is very Dali-ish like..

So. I dreamed that my mom was very obsessed about making me to apply for a job at Antz. And I was very against it, because then I will be working in the same company with… it doesn’t matter. Makes no sense, anyway. Still, I also dreamed he launched his own book of poems and they were really good 🙂 And along with that book there was a car paper-model. I mean, a printed scheme and you had to cut the edges and fold the paper into the car that supposed to be…

Then I woke up with a very bad head-ache. 😦 Also weird. Because each time I dreamed about that person, before, in the most Dali-ish settings, I was waking up very refreshed and full of energy. I got it. The door to that telepathic love is closed. 02122012455No more energy there…

Still. I went out for a walk. First coffee and a cheese cake at Mc IP Pavlova. Then, I went to the National Museum. Closed for renovations. 😦 Then, got back and stopped at the Christmas special market at Namesti Miru. And then, it opened!!!

The gate from the Cathedral! For the first time here, I had the chance to get in to see what’s inside 🙂 And it was very good. There was a czech baptise 🙂 And the baby was all dressed in white! I think it was a baby-boy because the priest kept repeating Maximilian. And it happened something strange at exiting, I saw on a book: zdarma miluju se.. or something similar. The thing is that it made a connection between the religious Romanian word “miluiesc”, and the czech “miluju” which means “I love”. Interesting… like, if I’ll ever need free love, I should always go there. 

Also, adding all the other words that I found here, it looks like the czech language includes a lot of very old-country-side-religious words from the Romanian language. Slava – slova… potato-patato.. 😀

After the baptise was over, I went back into the market. I had a plate of free polevka. The traditional czech soup with brambory and smoked bacon. I love that soup!! Then, I bought myself a cup of hot wine, because I was freezing cold. Sunny day, in the morning, but barely 2 degrees in the middle of the day. December, what can you ask?! 

02122012457In the end, we’re all just … human <3, even if we speak so many languages; we all need a warm bed to sleep in, some good food (vegetarian or not) and have some other physical necessities (more or less) 😀

Btw, I think I should start to study some painting. Bury myself into some art currents. To celebrate the transit of Venus all over my Ascendant+Venus+Saturn. And Sun’s transit to my natal Uranus. So I’ll start with.. yes, you nailed it: Salvador Dali :))

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