Priorities check

I think I finally understood why it’s called “the end of time”: because the open-mindedness of the habitants of the Earth has grown that much that we simply don’t have the time to learn and to experiment everything we would like to do. So we have to give up some things in the favor of other things. We have to select between what makes us usually happy and what makes us utterly happy.

I lost a glove this evening. A black glove, the one from the right hand. I discovered the disappearance when rushing for the bus station to come home, from the new home. It’s like one of my reccurent-dreams came true: to have 2 homes and to switch between them when I get bored.. But, the overlap will continue only until the end of this year, when I will completely leave Norska.

Even if I couldn’t spend the night there as I planned, because there were still some things to fix, I found out something: that I will have 2 czech girls as room-mates. Which means, my russian karma should be over and I will continue developing only in 1 direction. Czech. And Deutsch…

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