Christmas special

Later update: I went to the new home to bring some things and to explore. And then, one of those moments when things are “too good to be real”, when you start to search for hidden meanings… I found the fluorescent stars!! They were already there, in a drawer. So, it wasn’t even my idea, it seemed I was just reading the past of the place…

They are 13 stars. 6 big and 7 little.

Adding the Christmas decoration that I received from my girls on my birthday, a golden broom, I may say that the magic is already happening…

The stars were already… here. I am staring at them on my new desk and I cannot believe my eyes :ddd Should I set another wish?? I may want some real flowers, some coloured butterflies and some shinning hearts. :))

Oh yeah, something else: the wall clock! The absolute same model of wall clock that my mom brought in my place in Bucharest, in the kitchen, I found now happily tick-ing, guess where? In the kitchen. :d And it doesn’t care at all that “we are in a place with no more time”.

And more: I found the lost glove. It was waiting for me on the vitrine at the entrance. Still standing there, right above the drawer where I found the abandoned stars.

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