Best of… 2010, 2011 and 2012

I browsed my blog media gallery, flickr and facebook albums actually believing that I can do this. A photo compilation* of the best moments of 2010 – 2012.

And since there are way too many!!! beautiful moments to be able to select from them, there would be a “100 pictures” compilation and I’m afraid if I will start to make it I will lose “New Years Eve 2013”. But I do start with some categories, to be continued. Some day…

–  free time around the neighborhood & in Bucharest: Crangasi park & lake; Cismigiu Park in winter and in summer, Herastrau Park, in winter, summer and fall, Carol I Park, Village Museum, Tei & Floreasca Park; The Botanical Garden in summer, spring and fall; IOR Park, Izvor Park.

– free time at my parents and at the country side: Christmas 2010 and New Year’s Eve&Day 2011 and 2012; spring and summer vacations at the country side.

– free time with my work colleagues: Williams team-building and 2 years – ice-skating and karaoke – Party; Accn Fun Fridays; Tatiana’s birthday 1 – the one with the storm – and 2 – the one with ice-cream and wafles; The dinner at the Indian restaurant; Christmas parties (2011 in Fratelli – Bucharest, 2012 in Misch Masch – Prague); visit and dinner at the Navomestky brewery; Andreas’s party in Aloha;

– free time in foreign cities: Paris, Rome & Vatican, Venice, Prague, London.

– and there were theatre plays & co events: all the plays I played in and the parties after; Doina’s birthday party; Acasa la Arghezi; Christmas parties; Vali’s birthday party; McMurphy’s birthday party; the tens of theatre plays that I saw from other groups; other Mojo and Oscars gatherings; “Ciocnitul cu vin rosu” – priceless.

So, My Dear God, Thank you very much! For still being alive and kicking 😀 Both.

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