From the land of confusing people

It’s been a while since I didn’t write something worth reading. And even if I have a lot of things to do for tonight, I feel the need to put some thoughts down as soon as possible.

The idea came to me from one of the episodes of this season of “the Modern” Doctor Who. Which reminds me, very bad idea when I first started watching it, because, just when I was finally able to find a moment of peace and relaxation in my mind, able to track some (productive) action plan for my – singular – future, everything became a chaos again.

So, let’s start with “I love you – I’ll die for you”, from the point when Amy wanted to jump over the building just so that Rory’s future will be changed and free from those “weeping angels”. Is there such thing in the real life? Still, what she said, I would see it more as “I need you – I am unable to live without you – Therefore I’ll prefer to die before you”. C’mon. Even the mere marital woes imply: “until death will tear us apart” or something… But I guess with “Doctor Who” nothing is impossible and since I also dedicated my life to creating paradoxes… I really loved that episode 🙂

I believe, like most intelligent and emotionally sane people, that the marriage itself should have as main purpose: creating a better future for the individuals involved; a better one than each is currently able to see for himself, separately. So, when it’s arrived at “I would die for you”, everything was done completely in vain. If the “initial collaboration” of those two individuals is not capable to create “the synergy” able to set them both on a higher plane in life, it makes no sense.

For the first time in my life, today, I found myself thinking that I resent a decision I took around the spring of 2008. I’m curious how my life would’ve looked like If I had continued working in that company, without re-evaluating everything from the beginning, just so I could finish those studies…

Would’ve ever haunted me not having that master’s degree? Was there a point, as small as it may have been, when my professional life-path was influenced positively by owning that piece of carton? I never used what I was supposed to learn during those studies anyway. And to continue confusing my readers: I never intended to get into that “spiritual marriage”, either, but it happened. In whatever potential future (or past that never happened) may have had a meaning.

Nonetheless, I really liked what River told him at the end: “Whenever and wherever you want. But not all the time, in the same Tardis” 😀 It’s like I’ve known this all since then, without knowing it.

Disclaimer: This post is a tribute for transiting Venus conjunct my stellium (Jupiter-Sun-Neptune) in the 2nd house 😀 To be continued in the next day.

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