Now, let’s be serious!

So, I had enough of waiting. I had enough with being the good and obedient girl waiting for her candies and toys from Saint Nicholas and to find nothing but dust in my shoes!!

I had enough of interviews, I had enough of tests, I had enough of waiting for answers that never came, I had enough with thinking what have I done or said wrong at them for receiving the negative answer (which was actually from less than 50% of the positions I was interviewed for). I had enough! I’m going to start my own company.

Starting January 1st, of 2011, I’m going to have my own company. I mean, c’mon, I need some time to spiritually prepare myself for it, you cannot rush yourself with this kind of stuff. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to sell celestial music!

Starting January 1st, of 2011. Stay tuned on 31 kHz, somewhere from the Perseus Constellation (couldn’t focus myself on only one star yet).

Update: Oh, sorry… it isn’t yet December 6th? I guess my time machine got broken again…

Publicat în: 3 Dec, 2010 @ 23:58

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