You should’ve said Hodně štěstí!

From the series: I feeeel good!! Ta-na Na-na Na… I feeeel goood!! you got the point.

So today I had a written test in the czech language class. Funny :D. After only 3 classes. Even funnier was that in my very short road to work (almost 7 min) I even opened the notebook and read some things with some strange idea in my head that we may have test.

And in the road back home, in a car with a girl colleague (the first time I went in a czech driven car – besides taxi) I found out that I was dreamed as speaking perfect czech. Interesting! I’m very proud of my oniric-land-alter-ego. 😀 Maybe I did live in a previous life around here…

So, to free myself from the karma, this is what I didn’t know in the test:

prase. As in, “malá prase”, how a dear colleague of mine likes to joke.

kde, kam. As in where. But here is the link with explanations..

ošklivý = ugly; vysoký = tall; levný = cheap; and some positive ones, that I don’t remember 😀

– conjugate “to have” at present tense: (já) mám; (ty) máš; (on/ona/ono) ; (my) máme; (vy) máte; (oni/ony/ona) mají.

– conjugate “to go”. As in: jdu, jdeš, jde, jdeme, jdete, jdou.

– and there was another verb that I don’t remember. But more verbs here.

– and another verb, that each had to choose, and I chose “to love”. But the conjugation in the next post 😉

And I forgot to mention that I just had a brilliant desert cup with strawberries and oranges and muesli and sweet cream yogurt, for the amazing price of only 51 czk. No connection with the czech class, I just wanted to brag.

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