Lost in a wallet in London

Time started to cheat on me… yesterday “it played” for even 3 hours… today I caught it only with 5 min. I’m talking about the clock in the kitchen. The 2.0 version of the clock I had in the kitchen in Bucharest, the one that died. And I’m saying that it started to become too lazy to point the correct time… i don’t like this. Should I give him a new battery? hm… I will never forgive myself for doing this, but I do have a couple of batteries that I don’t have where to use for now. I bought them for my mp3 player.. So, problem of the clock fixed.

Now, about the wallet. The thing is that I want a new wallet and I cannot decide which to buy. I saw and touched over 20 so far, different materials, different sizes, different colours… none satisfied me. Instead I am kinda relieved that I managed to buy some new boots and a new jacket 🙂 And a new purse. I mean, the salmon colour one. Now I’m planing to bring into the family of my wardrobe another one, emerald-green colour. Just to know that I have something in the official colour of 2013. Or maybe I should get the wallet in that colour.

The past days I started to see 11:11, 3:33, 4:44… 5:55… again. It started to become annoying. I knew there is something I must do, that would bring me adrenaline and set me – in time – again, but I didn’t know what. I think I should stop drinking coffee. The 2 glasses of green tea I drink everyday to keep me warm at work should be enough. And I started a small routine of exercises. Some fitness combined with yoga moves. 😀 My own routine.

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