Tschechien und Politik

So… the first thing is that I’m happy that I recovered my German B2 manual, from the hard of my previous laptop. 🙂

The second thing, that the title implies, is about this new article that I have received from my german class from this Wednesday: Tschechien: Politische Krise nach Präsidentenwahl. As I am reading the text, I will enjoy this blog with the words that I didn’t know, the expressions which meaning I couldn’t get and the phrases that I find most interesting:

Der neugewählte Staatschef Milos Zeman forderte unmittelbar nach Bekanntgabe des Ergebnisses vorgezogene Parlamentswahlen, obwohl die Verfassung dies gar nicht vorsieht. = The newly elected leader Milos Zeman called immediately after declaration of the result, early parliamentary elections, even though the Constitution does not include this.

And I will stop here with writing on the blog, because I seem to have hit the same hole as on the previous post – of “why do I need to know this… in German”. I’m thinking to get a mirror and look into the fountain of Wisdom, maybe I see something foretelling and even inspiring.

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