Where I can marvel at something..

So the acting class is around 5000 czk… the bike is around 10.000 czk… or I could just learn something on my own. The problem is very simple: why. I need some achievable purpose…

I am thankful nevertheless, these days the air seems to be a little warmer, it looks like we’re gonna have sun almost everyday, this week. One thing I was really surprised this evening when I got home: I could see the stars!! Can you believe that in 6 months here I was not able to see the stars in the sky because of the clouds, the fog, the obsessive attention in other directions?!…

On saturday morning I found myself at the botanical garden. By serendipity. I mean, I was planning from home to go the botanical garden, one called Troja, but I saw on the map that is very far from my place. Eventually I gave up and I decided to put the mp3 on and go to some place I already know: Karlovo. When I got there, I was attracted into this street I never went before.. And I saw it: the botanical garden! Another botanical garden, in the city!! And I spent almost 2 hours in the greenhouse. It was hot and the plants where smelling very good and some birds where singing… and there was also a pond with very nice colored fishes. It felt like I found my heaven!

Then I went to exercise golf with some colleagues. That was also very fun. It was the first time ever when I had the experience of hitting a golf ball with a golf … thing… that I forgot how it’s called, even if I asked for it at the reception of the club.

And some other interesting thing.. On sunday afternoon I went to meet my bf at the train station. While we were enjoying a cappuccino this song started to play. It was a very intense emotional experience 😀

Now I have this obsessive urge to visit Italy. Or do something (more useful) with it… 😀

Oh yeah.. last night I dreamed about another baby-girl. Adela. She was adopted.. I saw her birth certificate in the crib… she was born on August 27th.. and as much as I struggled, I couldn’t see the year, it was blurry… And the names of the biological parents where there, but I cannot remember them. But I remember I raised her up and I taught her to speak and then I taught her to fly 🙂 I flew last night with such a passion I can’t remember for some long time…

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