5 years of yearning to a 33 soul urge vibe – completed

So I did it again… I renewed my domain subscription. I’m not gonna start writing from the beginning of time, from where I was and where I am now, but:

I remember I had times when 12 dolars were too much money to use for this. Still not convinced it’s worth it (adding also the other 13 dolars I will have to give to wordpress for the mapping and hosting…or something) because I don’t consider it to be a main source of development in my life. Nonetheless, I may have had some moments when interacting with other people through it (or with the help of it) or even the mere creative process of writing something new for practicing my english (or german), brought some positive energy in my life, in the form of more self-confidence about my communicating skills and even in the form of some new creative ideas.

So… again… each year I owe it to myself (publicly) to add the positive and the negative higher-octave-of-positive and do the math. I mean – to summarise – a funny thing about reality and life-itself: if you have a broad vision or/and a wide-enough mental bandwidth, you realise there is no such thing as negative. You simply open up from living as a flat-lander… I state again, I’m a Sagittarius – in my vision has to fit all the universe… but not to enter in more astrological details…

Still, to enter in a different type of details: the answer to the question of “which is the right path for one’s development” cannot be covered in a 3d world anymore, but in a 5d one. And if just only one time in your life you “tasted” the realm of the 5d – whatever that means… you may never feel whole and completely satisfied again… you feel “lost” without it. Without the answers coming from this higher dimension.

But I do my best, I do what every normal being expects from me: I am able to hold a job, in english and german, in an open-space environment – which is a challenge for A LOT of people – and I honestly believe I’m working in one of the most dynamic fields of activity these days – bpo.

I have exceeded my own expectations in being able to live and to work in a foreign country,  which, after the not-so-grateful-time of trying to live and work in UK, 4 years ago, this path was completely removed from my list of self-development.

I even manage like to have a boyfriend, in english, for a couple of months now, who seems to be finding ways of stimulating my brain-activity, by speaking to me in czech. But the most brain-stimulating session is my german class language, from 7:30 in the morning, which has converted itself in a 3 in 1 language-class: czech – german – english… not to mention the czech class who was even more fun: french – english – romanian – czech..

Therefore, I alow the rest of the time for my brain to be as non-productive and routine-thinking as it can. But it cannot do it anymore. Because I don’t feel satisfied to live in the 3d world anymore.

So… to conclude… I feel that I have to find a way to grow again. Climb another step. Find the courage to dare a little more, outside of this comfort zone, because there are some things, which are part of my publicly-displayed life, that have kinda started to step on my nerves, to be honest – and the Leo in my midheaven feels a little bit frustrated because of it. To be post-ponned continued.

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