Bitter and funny in the same time

Among the predatory spieces, I found an interesting one … exemplary… on the verge of extinction, who calls himself “sincerely mine” and finds the stray goats a good company, while securing their well-being with some bananas, carrots and oat-meal-sticks.

As for my vast experience in the jungle, trying to get a doctor ‘s degree majoring in… “ants”, I could say that the male with plutonian mars and moonly venus hunts with the purpose of creating a very comfortable and warm lair; while the step-brother: plutonian mars with jupiterian venus, hunts only for fun. But still, while jupiterian venus might be willing to keep things that have lost their sparkle, at some friendly level, for the male with the moonly venus, when the things are over he will be making sure that they are definitely over.

Would never want to get involved in some kinda combination like this, lucky my mars is well-balanced and… venusly. And I quote: “don’t wait for me with the dinner.. I’ll try not to wake you up on return..”

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