Maturity and its side effects

Today I discovered some things about “luck”.. which is that I have no idea how lucky I really am.. I was told that I could give some of my luck to someone else or I could teach people how to be lucky themselves too.. which reminds me of the spring of 2008, when somehow, too many people around me started to question why I am that lucky, to be paid by a multinational company, for 7 months in a row, while practically doing nothing at work, except some trainings from time to time, while speaking in english to all the supervisors. But suddenly everything completely collapsed on the ground, because I got used to live too easily and when I actually had to start working, while also being in the final semester of my master studies, I couldn’t cope with the pressure anymore.

So, just to make you to stop wishing  to have my luck, I will share you my secret. At least, the only thing that I am aware of, which could justify it, based of some experience I got to have since 2007, when I first discovered it: everything I do, I do with Passion. 😀

But let’s be a little more realistic: there is still a lot of road to travel until I will get to live at the standard of life that I was always dreaming: where to have my own car, a house I could call mine, the respect of the intelligent people who will be surrounding me, a husband which knows himself enough not to need me to discover him, a baby.. or even a couple more.. a very successful career… while living in a warmer city/country, where in April there is really spring.

One part of myself associated living abroad with living in the warm weather of Cartagena, in Spain, or even in London, where I had only a 2 weeks experience, but very intense. These were places towards I left with pleasure and for pleasure and not just because I was desperately trying to keep my job. I was able to absorb knowledge from the surroundings, because my mind was open and because the spoken language was familiar to me.

But because of too many things that I had to do and organise, when I decided to come here, I skipped to do this little investigation about the weather… As for the language, I guess for a long time I was just in denial. That’s why, since October, out of the sudden, I got so upset and so deep inside, that nothing good that is happening in my life is able to make me as happy as I was able to be before. For a long time I was just reacting how I assumed other people are expecting me to react. As my dad usually says: Let’s not make God angry! There are people who are living in much worse conditions than us. But he was always forgetting to say why. Or I was not daring enough to ask why.

So, THINK POSITIVE and don’t forget: June 6th, June 15th and June 24th. 🙂 Because now, I simply love what I am doing at work. And spring is just around the corner… It got a little lost, because it didn’t know the local language.

Update, April 7th – Sunday. A thing that I don’t like about Prague/Czech Republic is that the people make no absolute difference between “the working days of the week” and “the day of rest”… they wash laundry on Sundays and this morning I woke up with the same amazing music of the spinning bohrmaschine in the apartment above me, just like yesterday morning.

I’m confused… yet to discover what are the values of these people. 😀

2nd Update: why the light switches for the bathrooms are inside and not outside?! Did I grow up wrongly in a house where the switches were outside of the bathroom? In my own house I promise I will put a switch also inside and also outside. 2 switches for the same bulb. 😀 And they will also have windows to connect them with the natural light and air…

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