If you wish it long enough…

In the summer of 2008, just after I finished the master studies from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, in Romanian, with tears in my eyes, I remember I wished to have the opportunity to study Arts in Los Angeles. Acting and/or Screenwriting, to be more precise. At that time, speaking and writing in English was still very consuming, but I never stopped exercising it. Just as I should continue exercising German. 😀

So, yesterday I had my first official acting class with an actor/acting teacher from Los Angeles at exponential lower costs than it would have been required by my dream. After the experience of taking 4 seasons of theatre acting classes in Romania, I thought I may get bored by starting from the beginning again, but at my first exercise, with a guy who’s native language is Swahili, I felt that my body is still able to produce adrenaline. Which is amazing.

Also, when I browsed the curriculum with the books that we have to read and the videos that we have to see, I was able to realise the major impact that this step has/will have upon me. And after just one dinner out with my new colleagues, I can say that these people know a lot about this field and I’m very proud to be part of the group, even if attending it only 1 time per week. I’m convinced now that everyone has his own rhythm of coping with changes and processing new information.

Now, after 8 months here, I can honestly say that I started to live. My day. My life 😉

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