Letting go and holding on

As you probably already know… 2013 for me is a number 9 vibe year. But It took me a little more to finish processing 2012 😀

So, here it goes: on June 22nd, the Archer family will come to visit me!!! Why they come to visit me? Because I wished it, above my own self-centered purposes, where my proof of love is really needed and appreciated. Wow, this cous-cous is really good 😀 And.. I should book them some hotel room. And… I should keep some things also for myself :))

But, tomorrow, my Leo and I are going to Karlovy Vary!! Finally, the so long waited spring has come. The funny part is that tomorrow it may be cloudy and rainy… and I will have to postpone taking out my new emerald green short pants and my new flowered blue shirt, that I bought 2 months ago, specially for this occasion.

Another thing is that… whomever I ask where I should go for summer vacation, for some sun and beach and lovely landscapes, I get the response that I should go wherever place is nice. So Nice. Wouldn’t it be fun? Even more fun will be to visit all that coast, from Genova to Marseille. And why would that be imposible?! There are just 310 km… 😀

Another fun part is that today I took vacation to rest and to meditate about myself and my future… and I went in the morning to the dentist and she was not there.. she is sick 😐 As Dexter once said, “Doctors cannot be sick!!”

Now, excuse me, I’m going back to my coffee, on the balcony, trying to figure out what are those giant alien colored shapes made with chalk on the asphalt.. “Hezký Weekend!” said one. “Ahoj” said another one. Noooooooooo…. the aliens kidnapped me..

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