How long it takes for Home to be… Home?

Just had an epiphany, after seeing the The Rings of Akhaten. Success is not a place… of achievement. Success is a way. The Way. An infinite one… yours. Or mine…

As many people as they are in the universe, as many successful ways they are. Therefore, competition is redundant. And also, all those people trying to convince other people that their way is better, they have just temporarily lost theirs.

And about that thing that I have trouble combining my rational side with my emotional side. 😀 That’s the way I was born. What is emotional, intuitively is perceived as wrong. Is it possible that I may be receiving emotional inputs from a complete different world than the world of the other inputs? Is it possible that everything that I was thought that this world may be, is wrong? Which is the right side?!! Mind or Emotions?

I shut them down in October, when I realized that home simply doesn’t exist anymore. Completely. Both of them. But yesterday night I let them all back in, maybe because today is Easter Day, in my religion. Resurrection Day. And the world looks different… But why is it so hard to keep seeing it all the time with these glasses on? Why is it so hard to live (also) emotionally, in this world?

When I had my aura reading it has been emphasized to me that I got to a somewhat dangerous level of rationalizing my heart. And the reason I left from there is because I was standing a firmer ground than her. I’m talking about Home. But maybe I’m too emotional again… I don’t make much sense.. so, what I can really say is that – positively thinking – I’m waiting for the day to see you again and suffocate you… with my emotions 😀

By the way, just had the second epiphany of the day: POSITIVE THINKING means to combine both rational and emotional. 🙂 Got it people??

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