289 kc for a quarter of a strawberry

Long time since I didn’t write about my dreams. My sleeping-dreams. Last night I had the most vivid dream_within_a_dream experience. And it’s kinda scary when this happens..

But first I dreamed about me walking on a long road, step by step and all of a sudden when I’m putting the foot down for a new step I’m falling. Just like walking on the venetian alleys, which, from nowhere, between the buildings, they were ending.. in the water. Long time since I didn’t have this kinda of experiences.

Btw, I read in some article on the internet that when one experiences dreams of falling, it may be that one may have heart problems. Even more meaningful for a person whose usual dreams are controlled flying, like me. It could be true because during the fitness tests in the gym I was getting to a very high pulse rate quite fast: like 170 only after 2 minutes of running at 7.8 speed, which I think it’s quite dangerous for a 29 years old woman.. So I should ask my practitioner..

But the thing is, last night I didn’t fall all down, when I put the foot, it was just like being on a stair and going down a step. Still, I woke up worried. If it’s not my heart could be my lungs.. I do have a history of experiencing a series of weird dreams before being put in medical leave with antibiotics for couching…

Ok, now back to the strawberries.

So I remember I wanted to buy a pound of strawberries, I have no idea for what and I had in my hand a bill of 289 czech crowns. It didn’t seem weird at that time to pay that much money for just a pound of strawberries, the weird part was the name of the supplier… Anyway, when I realized that even after paying that big amount of money I was left only with a quarter of a strawberry, it was kinda when I woke up into the main dream.

I looked on the table and there were no bills and no strawberries and it made me feel more comfortable. I was deceived, but it was just a bad dream within another dream, the one where I was explaining to myself that the dreams that I have could indicate the beginning of a sick period.

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