Above and away

There are (other) times in life when you are faced to accept that people you once considered perfect – because you were not able to find them any flaws – people you admired that much until the point of sanctification, creating your whole life path with them in the centre… are not more than just people.

And maybe even with a lower degree of expertise in the field in which you are meant to grow. What I’m saying is, there are times in life when your paradigm has to change, just because the potential of the people’s reinventing themselves with the purpose of inspiring you already got to the peak.

So what you actually do in this situation? You keep on being a teacher, promoting what you learned on your side, even if the channel used for transmitting may not be available to be opened anymore? You decide to go in a different place and find other hungry students eager to tune in to your channel and keep feeding your self-esteem… as a teacher? Or you adjust your own channel for transmitting, to a more suitable frequency (and bandwidth) so you can affect also the new students and the first people in the question ?!

Now that I finished the introduction… what is really bothering me is that I never knew when/what is the optimum level of concentration required for me to invest in that relationship. Which were the real (needed) expectations… There were always too many ways to choose from and I was not able to grasp the long-term one. But is doesn’t matter anymore, because I know which is the optimum level of concentration required to keep my actual one.

Which reminds me I wrote yet another useless post, with knowledge channeled from sources way higher than me, knowledge I’m not even sure I can integrate, in order to increase my productive capacity… Shortly: yet another hour invested from my actual productive time into simply spoiling the goose.

Nevertheless, just as much as it may go for improving my English language writing skills, it may worth it. Though, I may be even more effective if I struggled into learning something new, instead of wasting my energy into some endeavour already included in my comfort zone…

But is it really the purpose of one’s reinventing himself only his own self-centered evolution? I’m too tired to continue this and I’m really sad that I forgot even that useful thing I wanted to write…

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