I love you

🙂 Is the magical expression that sometimes ends the relationship. Because some things are not to be said, but to be felt. And transmitted back, without words.

I’m sorry. But now I have one reality to come back to, which makes it quite frustrating. Why is it that each time I start dreaming and I embody the new fresh energy I loose the responsibilities of the present? Shouldn’t this be the other way around? The fresh energy to help you achieve your plans faster and easier?! In my case it seems it’s just pulling me apart from them.

Where is it that I am destined to arrive? There are times when I want so much to just say “fuck off and leave me alone”… But I cannot do it, because by getting angry I will hurt only myself.

Btw, I have such an appetite for breaking the rules, without actually braking them. I mean, let’s set some newer and higher imaginary circumstances. Let’s set a new dream. Remember Lilith? Do you?? Chiron? I would’ve wished to be the one to burst into tears, last night, honestly, I miss it so much, but I don’t have the time to do it.

Yet now that I keep putting energy into it, I realize that people who believe in destiny are only the lazy ones who don’t fight for themselves. The best part is when we learn how to understand it and push for it to happen instead of waiting. But I think I already wrote about this, sometimes before..

So let’s move this on the dream world, it’s too late now. Everyone is invited. See you on cloud 7 or 8. 😀 Cloud 9 is busy by default.

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