Healing circle activated

I guess I found my imaginary circumstances, even if I was not searching for them directly. 😀 Last night I dreamed I was embarking in a small plane, with a bunch of close friends and my family and we were about to fly to Stockholm.

I have no idea why there… or maybe I do: I got obsessed by this city since I found out that it has 18,5 hours of daylight in the summer and I am desperate about light lately. Even here in Prague, the difference is of 1 more hour of daylight than in Bucharest, but I can really sense it.

Anyway, as we were flying, it seemed that the plane didn’t have a roof, just as a convertible car. And at some point we travelled through some very lovely place where there were colored balloons just flying around, in the air, drawn down by some lovely colored ribbons. They were so nice!! And I was struggling to catch as many as I could, grabbing them by the ribbon, without losing the balance and falling down from the plane. I guess I got around 3-4 in the end. 😀

What else?… Yeah, “thanks” to my current transits, Mars conjunct Chiron+Moon – it seems I’m taking things way more personally lately… And Mercury-Venus-Jupiter transiting my 8th house, opposite my Jupiter-Sun-Neptune from the 2nd, is bringing some very interesting vibes also. It makes me feel so smart and so up-to-the-point, just ready to fight for my territory in this world! In the end, everyone cares only about himself.

Another thing, from June 26th until July 20th, Mercury will go retrograde, from the 9th house, back into the 8th. It should be a quite interesting period with a lot of inevitable events to happen. 😀 When, after I have taken a good share of the big picture’s perspective, now I’m returned to see which are the details that I missed and will need to be adjusted until the real adventure. Which makes me realize that some things in life don’t come when you are ready for them, but when the others are ready to give them to you… so there is no point in fighting anymore, burnings things down and taking hostages, because the white flags will rise themselves up eventually, when the right time will come.

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