They wanted to give up on Earth

… but I was stubborn, like usual, I didn’t want to give up on it until I was 100% sure that there is nothing left to do. I came back on Earth knowing that I can move it, doing my best, opening portals of ascension… I wish I could see what is beyond that long high rocket, though. On the left side of the black fence, which keeps aside all those black sheep and guardian dogs.

I used to be a black sheep too, but I had the courage to turn over and to acknowledge the wonderful blue sky and the amazingly tasty green fresh grass. And the white-yellowish high rocket. I looked all around it, I raised my eyes up studying it, but until now I wasn’t really able to reach its top. Not even with my eyesight…

They told me I should let it go and move on, yet, for a long time I couldn’t believe this will really help me. But now I can. And continuing going along, jumping around the fresh green grass, I climb mountains high and high and jump over streams of clear sparkling water. I see high pin tress and the sun shining all over me.

And if I look back, towards the place where I gave up being the black sheep, I see the rocket which will always remind me of my change, standing for eternity as to testify my turning point.

Oh no!! there is some steam getting out from the rocket, I can see it from the distance. Does this mean I should go back, to try to help? Perhaps the rocket wants to fly again, reach its galactic core. I see no impediment in going back, nothing is really keeping me here, just that I’m scared. I’m scared to go down, I don’t know how the other sheep and the black dogs will react if they will sense my presence.

Yet the rocket, the more I’m focused into it, it looks like it is turning pink. Or blue! Funny, The rocket is changing colors just as fast I can imagine a color. But it never disappears. It can turn from opaque white until translucent, blending into the color of the grass and the sky, but that’s when it’s presence is even more penetrating.

Ok, I stop this now, until I get to the 50th shade of… the galaxy.

2 thoughts on “They wanted to give up on Earth

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