I have the ideeeaaaa!!!

I found a video on YouTube about turning Fear into Fuel.

Now, it could be that this video worked in inspiring me because the guy has long time experience in practicing yoga and I am somewhat more open to spiritually opened people. Or it could’ve worked simply because it was the God’s time to work, because I have watched TED videos on YouTube all afternoon in the search for some answers… videos like: “why our food system is wrong”, “how to become a miracle worker”, “positive thinking”, “how to find your purpose in life in 5 minutes”, “forget everything you were taught so far”, “why we procrastinate”, “how to live happily ever after”… “living beyond limits”.. “being brilliant every single day”, OMG, that’s a lot of videos, I didn’t even realize I watched that many!

Now, about my problem and the solution: deep down inside I knew there is just one single act that will raise my adrenaline level and will put me back on track and out of this boredom, but in the next minutes, some bad decisions I took in the past have come all over me and overwhelmed me into this mountain of fear.

So, this turning Fear into Fuel video, got me the idea I wanted, at the exact time of 2:40, which basically meant inventing some imaginary circumstances to live in for the next 2 months, while also keeping track of the reality. I know I am exceptionally good at living life in imaginary circumstances, which will feed very much my creative side, yet, this way, I will not have to forget about the logical-organizational side, which will have the task to keep the optimum balance between reality and imaginary circumstances.

So, again, what I want to do is to develop 2 different lines of future in the same time: one based on real events and the other based on imaginary events. And I know I can do it, because I did this last year also and this time will be even better because it will be the Living_2_lines_of_future_in_the_same_time version 2. Anyway… I told you I’m bored.

I can’t tell you yet the details. But you will definitely see the positive changes with your own bare eyes, in your own life, by September 7th of 2013, because every positive shift of paradigm in this world is triggering other shifts just as fast as the smell of a small drop of perfume expands itself in an open space working area with air-conditioning system. And I’m using as emergency backup deadlines the dates of September 16th and September 25th.

Now I have to thank to the child Stefania and to the old lady Stefania, which helped me to put this into practice… and to that video on Youtube which explains how the 10 Dimensions work. Now I wonder which would be the output of this new “game”. I hope the middle aged Stefania. Which reminds me, this year I will step into my 30s 🙂 They say these are the best years of a woman’s life.

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