I’m bored :(

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say this like this.. in an online mode. But I really am. Bored. I don’t feel the excitement anymore. I’m aware also, that I may attract negative energy by admitting this and I may even lose good things that I have already in my life, but.. that’s it. I need something else/more, to captivate me, to make me smile spontaneously, to make me feel, with every fiber of my being… I need something to capture MY complete interest and to be able to become efficient into it, as in being financially productive.

I kept saying with various occasions that I’m sure I will never get bored to write. If I feel comfortable, in a peaceful environment, I could write for days without stopping – I don’t doubt my abilities of being creative. Just that, this is not yet possible, because I have to go to work, I have chores to do, for which I would gladly pay someone else to do for me (cooking, cleaning, dish-washing) etc.. Do I appear spoiled or arrogant by having such thoughts? Pleasures? Needs?

Everyone in this planet was born with a purpose, with certain talents, with certain needs, dreams, hopes… Ok, maybe this boredom is temporary, somehow accentuated by the weather outside.. Prague weather. So, is it really bad to say that I had enough of this city? country? And I also know I may slightly be influenced by some people who I care and I appreciate, who decided to “pursue professional challenges” in different companies/cities..

I was very close to say something positive, but I don’t want too. I’m stubborn. This post supposed to be about me being bored. And being lazy – as the best way to let the new energy in, to reinvent me.

Yeah, there is public holiday today in the Czech Republic, so not going to work, still I wasn’t yet inspired enough to find something useful to dedicate my day. Weekend. Life 😀 Any suggestions??

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