About the boats trip

I was thinking I should put this down eventually, even if the impressions that were created inside of me were both positive and negative. As in, I’ve gained some things but I also lost others, in compensation. The afternoon that I spent today in the waiting room of the hospital made me realize that this trip was an important one. 🙂

Even from a couple of months before the trip, my boyfriend seemed very excited about this “boats trip” on the Sazava River – a name I was able to remember barely the last day before the trip – and he was very happy that he will have to teach me how to “drive” the boat and he was convinced that is going to be a very nice trip, worth to write about. Aside from the normal stash of clothes that one should have for a 2 days mountains trip, I had to come equipped with some sun-screen, some old rubber shoes and some repellent.

Now, little by little, the afternoon of July 18th has come and we are all packed, a group of around 18 people, from the same company, yet different projects, anxiously waiting in front of Burger King, in Hlavní Nádraží (as in Prague’s main train station) to start our adventure. And for some bizarre reason, I didn’t bring nor bought some rubber shoes which would’ve protect me against the sharp rocks from the water…

Anyway, the ride with the train was nice – my first time in a czech train – we arrived at our pension in Chocerady and we were happy that we got to have a room only for ourselves, even if the initial plan was to sleep in a 3 and 4 beds rooms… We had a walk to say hello to the river, a beer and almost one hour of Ping-Pong, which was extremely fun, we wasted some other 2 hours by the camp-fire, where I have shared with the group some Țuică (which was brought to me by my parents one month ago when they came to visit) and then we crushed down in our room.

On July 19th, at around 8, we woke up and started to populate the breakfast salon. Both of us managed to get a pretty big breakfast plate and 2 large coffees with only 85 czk, in total. We were happy, although the weather outside was a little evil – as in cold, cloudy, almost about to start raining – the rescue vests that we had to put on served also in warming us up enough to start the first day of our boats adventure.

– to be continued –

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