The czech point

While cleaning my computer, on Friday, I found this Czech as a Foreign Language – Assessment test.. The first time I saw it, in the first month after arriving here, I was barely able to understand the first 2 words, from the first sentence, but this Friday I realized I am able to understand without any help, almost half of the test.

And this is how I got motivated to take it seriously and I dedicated some hours yesterday, with the assistance of my boyfriend, into fully understanding it and solving it correctly.


1. Dobrý den, vy … pan Smetana?   (jste, jsi, být, je)

Wait, I had a revelation… there was a time, in the Spring of last year, when I wanted to start a new Faculty – Foreign Languages, at the University of Bucharest, and I was considering German-English. After one year here, I could definitely say that my German has improved, due to the work, my English has also improved and, as bonus, I have been initiated into a new language, not considered before: Czech. A year of study in Bucharest would have costed me almost 800 euro per year. Here I learn all these for free and I am also paid for it, judging merely by the difference between the cost of living in Bucharest and the cost of living in Prague.

So, 2 more years in this direction, on the same speed of learning, and I will be, inevitably, ready to gain Czech citizenship, while also having mastered German and English! 😀

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