What should I do? Everything is already done…

So, about this obsession of being original… ok, at least as much original as achieving/experiencing something that, from what you know so far, no one from the people you met in this life – I mean, people you had the chance to meet personally, as in colleagues from school, university, hobbies, former and actual work places – achieved it already.

Let’s take traveling for example… after living in a foreign country – and I keep repeating this about me, as in bragging, because so far is my biggest personal and professional achievement/experience – now I’m not that much in the mood to travel into a different country or experience brand new different cultures, since I have so many things pending to integrate from the places I’ve already seen…

My bf said he would like to spend one month in the USA next year summer… as much as I was into this idea 2 years ago, now it’s completely out of my resonance zone. It’s not something special anymore, to spend one month in America… I know tens of people who already did it and I’m sure he also knows at least as many. It’s over-highly commercialized. On the other side, what would really be a wonderful experience, for a Czech person, is to spend one month in Romania. 😀

Now, a different thing: getting married and having children. I also know a lot of people who did it and so far I don’t know anyone to brag that much about it as to inspire me into how wonderful it is to tie the knot and settle down. Even in a foreign country, with a foreign husband. I mean, I don’t want to have the feeling that I’m following anyone’s footsteps.

What else?

Actually you know what would be nice and I don’t know anyone to brag about it? Helping their own family, like in buying them a ticket to visit you in the Czech Republic, thanks to some extra money you received as tax refund.. Wait a moment, no! I’m sorry, I already know someone who did the exact things. Or someone to send money to their younger siblings in need? Yeah, I already know someone who did this also.

Starting a healthier life, exercising regularly, starting some yoga, even starting considering turning vegetarian. Hmm… just few persons I met from this camp yet, but I’m not convinced. I’m convinced though, that one month without meat will kill me. Also, even if I do my best of convincing myself that I like running in the gym, like a sweating mouse in a wheal, I actually hate it. The only sport I love is practiced with a bicycle outdoors. And for once, I don’t care how many people I know that are already doing it, it’s just that to buy one here was out of my reach so far – a new one is too expensive and I don’t have a place to keep it or to store it at work, if I were to commute on the bike. Or at least I didn’t find a suitable one yet. So I think the only option will be to consider buying a second-hand one and start praying for a place to store it.

Shortly, I feel suffocated by so many positive examples I have around me. I want to set some examples also, but I want to be original. Not even “joining the dark side – where they have cookies -” will help me, because I think there are even more people who did this already. But, still, I don’t think I have met anyone personally yet, from this camp.

Yeah, another thing, as a bonus: the hobbies. As in acting classes. I have no idea why I am following them, I cannot say I enjoy it too much, but maybe that’s the whole point: not feeling comfortable means that these exercises make me get out of my comfort zone. Anyway, on September 16th, I should start a new module… but the almost one hour and a half that I’ll have to spend in the tram, metro and bus, every Monday and Wednesday night, to return from the class, it’s a complete turn of. Wait – later edit – I found some easier suitable transportation connections 😀 Or maybe I should find a new place to live, closer to the place with the classes.

Which reminds me: the singing lessons. In June I was finally able to find a teacher willing to teach me singing and we established a first meeting.

That first meeting turned out to be in the day with those disastrous floods in Prague, when they closed almost all metro station in down-town, it was heavily raining and I considered it would be safer for me not to go.

As soon as I found about the floods situation I sent email to the teacher apologizing myself that I cannot make it anymore and if it will be possible to post-pone it. I received back a very angry message, that I wasted his time and that I cannot cancel the appointment just 2 hours before and that he doesn’t want to hear about me again. 😦

I guess maybe it would have been prettier to go down town, get all wet, have no phone range or internet connection, get lost because I don’t know the language and most locals barely speak English, not arrive in time, curse my days that I got out from the house, catch a cold, take medical leave and stay home first 2 days without even being paid, because in the Czech Republic they pay medical vacation only from the 3rd day… lucky I didn’t need it so far.

Anyway.. I got a little side-tracked in complaining.. 😀

So, what should I do? something that no one else did? Besides joining the Olympic Season organized by the company where I work and being in the team who ended on the first place. Yeah, baby, I own a gold medal! Ok, ok, symbolic gold.

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