Not everyone is meant to write history correctly

There was a place, in a magical time, a time where Peter Pan was still dreaming about his Tinkerbelle, a time where pink tiaras with colored diamonds where a common accessory also among the representatives of the hard sex.. a place where beavers where catapulted on a daily basis… where 5 Euro bills are used as bookmarks… and people are wearing headphones bigger than their own ears…

And in this place, where time has no morals what so ever… some events… in the history… have happened a little too late, therefore losing, due to the delay, the opportunity to create that so necessary big-bang. That would have set everything into it’s destined place.

Or maybe everything happened at the exact correct time… what am I, to judge the spirit of the universe?!… This reminds me of the story of the Happyness. Which makes me think: disjunction must start from something, right? From the conjunction, where the two parts were one and the same unit. Which proves the existence of previous lives. And twin-souls. Because it’s the only thing that actually makes sense here.

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