Processing synchronicity and releasing luck

Yesterday I climbed all the stairs up into the Petrin Observatory Tower. It’s the highest place in Prague, where you can have the highest view possible, over the city. The best place to sit down on a step, meditate and enjoy the sunset on the cloudless sky. Feel happy with yourself. Calibrate the needs with the wants and with the achievements, draw the line and make it give a result with plus.

Actually the first intention for going on Petrin, last evening, was to go to the astronomical observatory. And I arrived at 19, when they had a closing time, in order to adjust their machines for the night sky, starting at 21. So I had a 2 hours window to enjoy the place. So, after I discovered a secret garden with very beautiful flowers, I decided to pay the 95 czk admission fee, for climbing the stairs into the tower. After the panorama and some wind, waiting to get dark, I got down and I found a tree to sit on and meditate more. Then, a mosquito found my left hand too attractive and she attached. And I felt her and I smashed her cruelly into the ground. She sucked enough..

And then, I was able to enjoy Saturn. Maybe I’ve seen it before, maybe I didn’t, the thing is it looked very small to me. That small that I don’t know how much influence could have on the Earth. (Ok, ok, forget the analogy with the mosquito). Still, Jupiter was better, yet already sleeping last night, along with Mercury and the Sun and Venus was going slightly to bed also.

Prague is not the most beautiful nor the best city in the world, but I can sure say with my hand on the heart that it has Magic. It has a way of making things turn out right. Always. Still, I cannot have the same expectation of comfort zone as I had in Bucharest, after 10 years of living there, after just one year of living here, right??

It may not have the best weather in winter, but considering that all the amenities are included into a fix monthly rent, it works good. I have contract for this room until April 2014… and then, I don’t know.

But thanks to this colleague who left for Dublin, I acknowledged that this city is a lot more people friendly, because it has warmer winters and not so torrid summers. For some reasons it may be even better than London. It reaches to 17 hours of daylight in summer… it has Euro… and cars are going on the right side of the street… and something quite interesting: Local Purchasing Power in Dublin is 15.68% higher than in London. Isn’t it nice? 🙂 So what if I start to project a place to live in Dublin, starting with the spring of 2014? 😀

I remembered that while working as a technical support agent I was talking by phone, with people from Dublin also. Besides, George Bernard Shaw, who wrote the Pygmalion, was Irish. Oscar Wilde, with his Nightingale and the Rose was Irish. And Bram Stoker! Bram Stoker, the inventor of Dracula! So I guess I may have some energy projected into that city already. So maybe I should pay a visit… with this Air Lingus, low cost, I found some dates (10th-13th of Oct, for example) where tickets are just 3157 czk.

:sigh: Where was I? Yes. At me, getting into my 2nd year. I’m curious, though, to know how much Czech he was able to assimilate in these 3 years. For me, it feels like I’m starting to get into a comfort zone, because now things are starting to have a pattern. These last 2 days were very charged, emotionally and spiritually, and this moved me quite a bit. They say autumn is a time to count your treasures, in order to have a peaceful and relaxed nest for the winter, so I kinda started to count what I achieved so far, this year.

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