The potential to fall

I first wanted to write about the obvious connection between expectations, satisfaction, self-confidence and encouragement received from the environment at that young age, when one is forming some idea about his\her value in the world, but now I have a different thing that has troubled my waters: the potential to receive energy.

Energy… is also heavy. It’s the heaviest, sometimes. And some companies weight also cabin baggage. I wonder now how much weights the whole Amazon…or Mississippi. I’m hopeless. Jumping from one soup ivory tower, into another, without any remorse what so ever.

Some people are not meant to be altruistic. Therefore, they are not meant to do something good and then just shut up about it. Because they are here to conquer. They are meant to fall in love and give all that it takes, living in a permanent bliss with no regards of the consequences, doing everything in the idea of being reunited again with the object of their passion. And the higher they’ve managed to fly with the wings that they’ve built from their own work, the most dangerous it is for them to fall back, on familiar ground.

That’s why they must learn… some restraint. Especially in receiving energy. Damn, I wrote about this tens of times before… this is what happens when I fall… I must find strength to hold tight, to climb back into my ivory tower and lock myself in for meditation. Two days ago I have made a personal mission from discovering what it is on that 19th floor, besides the door on which it is written “Pozor” on a yellow triangle.

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