#uniţisalvăm #RoşiaMontană

If these data are accurate and if the project will continue, what is going to happen in Roşia Montană, in Romania, will be a long-term disaster which is very hard to imagine.

Romania – I’m pretty sure that in short time it will be globally recognized, instead of the country of the blood sucking Dracula, as the country of the gold sucking politicians.

The most outrageous thing from what they are planning to do is to use cyanides in quantity of 13 thousand tones per year and just leave the waste there…

I remember I first found out about this fight about saving Roşia Montană in my first days in Bucharest, in 2002, when I gladly signed the petition raised by the students, in the hall-way of the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of International Relations, believing that in one week or two, the issue will be solved for the good and the spirits will calm down. By then, at a country range, it was quite little known about the destructive potential of this project, since the information didn’t have the opportunity to travel as fast as it does today, through Facebook and blogs.

Yet, the years have passed, I graduated with Major in Tourism and I worked for some time in the Incoming department of a travel agency, which meant, promoting Romania abroad. I organized travel packets and I assisted groups visiting the country, a country for which I was very proud back then. I was proud that we have a rich cultural heritage, breath-taking natural landscapes that you don’t find everywhere in this world and that we were still having the potential of producing 100% natural food, on the country side.

Now, more than a decade later, in 2013, when one may hope that the world has become at least a little bit more wise, being able to think positive and act with more calm, releasing much of the daily drama, Roşia Montană’s_time_to_be_saved has come again! And has spread like a virus, animating thousands of people to unite and get out there on the streets, every night for the past 15 days! Which is quite impressive for a generation which was born and has developed in the shyly anonymity of the cyberspace.

I’m sorry that now I find myself some thousand kilometers away and I cannot unite in physical form, in solidarity with the thousands of people on the streets, in Bucharest and in all the other organizing cities in Romania and abroad, but today, on September 15th of 2013, my spirit is there with you, making noise and holding a carton on which it is written: I really want to have a country left to come back to, someday. With my children and the children of my children. So, please, don’t destroy it!

Later update: A video from the night of September 15th, 2013, in Bucharest:

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