The 9th house

Yeah, I know… I fell again and I didn’t even realize it in time, so a post about the Rosia Montana was born… but I’m climbing back into my tower, studying about this new transit of Jupiter in my 9th house, while squaring Mars from the 11th house.

Now talking of houses, on Saturday I volunteered for a work-visit to an orphanage, in some city in the mountains, close to the border with Germany.. we did some gardening there and I liked it very much. The interesting part is that just when I got inside, in the hallway, in the middle of my chest hit me a very intense vibe of loneliness. And the emotion caught me that much that I was barely able to hold my tears while we ate the lunch that was prepared for us. Which was quite an interesting discovery about myself: the confirmation that I’m not a robot.

I was told that the place is there since right after the second world war and in the way back home it hit me: what if in a previous life I actually lived there? I was a German girl.. which could explain a lot.DSCN2022




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