To be or not to be

I don’t know exactly in which point of time I am swimming now, but the more I’m trying to project myself in the future, the more I realize that I don’t exist. How could I project myself in a future where I don’t exist?? This doesn’t make much sense, even to me.

It looks like there is someone in there at some specific point, who is changing my future. Perhaps I should do a reality check.. perhaps I’ve changed on my own and I didn’t acknowledge it yet. I’m like the grown up elephant, who learned that the stick cannot be moved, so maybe I should look around, find it and dare to move it.

I remember I wrote about this before, so I DID face the same paradox again in the past.. and I survived. Which means I am. But in a different place. So I should just wait a little longer until all the waters will be clear and I’ll find myself.

PS. I really have to read Hamlet.

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