Fighting for platinum

It took me quite a while to understand that the only person with whom it is effective to compete is yourself. Today you’re competing with the-yesterday-you, tomorrow you’re competing with the-today-you and so on…

But what happens when you get to a point of wisdom when you realize that competition itself makes no sense anymore? What happens when you realize that every instance, every minute, every day etc. is locked in time and space and both are infinite, which can mean that absolutely everything that you do has a certain effectivity? In one plane or another…

What if both, yesterday-you and today-you, can coexist without the need for competing against each-other?

This is turning too complicated. Trying to find the common ground for two frequencies of resonance that are identical, but in 2 different planes. Perhaps the question is put in a wrong way, perhaps the point is not for you to compete with yourself, but for you to compete with…

Wait! now it makes sense. It is for You – as in ego – to compete with your-Self – as in spirit. Aham..

And this leads to the mere and eternal fight between the head and the heart. But what these have to do with Platinum? I feel I’m so behind… too many things to catch up with.

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