Neutralising Saturn

So I’m living the most frustrating time of my life: the return of Saturn, on the place where it was at birth – conjunct Venus. Over the Ascendant.

Before this, I had Saturn encountering my Pluto from the 12th House. Starting last year’s October. The worse time of anyone’s psychic life. The only way to be able to move myself forward and fulfill my work responsibilities was to let at least one tear drop every day and pretend that everything is fine. Yet, day by day, as I tried to think positive, consciously convincing myself that things are ok, I got more and more drained.

And no one understands what I’m living and what I’m facing now… Which makes me realize that the fear of not succeeding is fueling me a bit too much. But I hope Mars traveling the 10th house now has some word to say in the matter, so I should just… chill. And stop pushing. Whatever it is that I’m pushing.

So I will focus more on the spiritual side (and let the material side flow naturally in the background) with the Jupiter, transiting now the 9th and the Sun, which just entered the 12th. Maybe I should focus on studying why I (still) have around me also people that I don’t like having.

There is a time for everything and everything dies. So I guess the only option I have, for now, is to relax and enjoy the scenery of the last ride… The boat is sinking anyway and perhaps with my tears inside, will sink even faster than planned. And maybe I should go also to exercise some swimming 😀

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