The QA/QC of a grown-up

Starting with some questions for grown-ups: What do you actually do when you do nothing? How could breathing, dreaming, eating etc. be money producing activities?

I was so consumed in the past two weeks with updating CVs and applying for jobs and preparing for interviews that I didn’t have the time to realize how much I really like this activity of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

It feels like the real job started just now. And at first I thought that I will not have energy to do it again from the beginning, but… I’m not really doing it again from the beginning. Because another year has passed. And I’ve grown, I’ve developed, I’ve polished my assets and it feels like the range of possibilities is even bigger now for me. But most of all: I survived!!!

If destiny made it that way that every year I will have to change the source of my income, perhaps I should accept it, once and for all, and start taking it as an asset: I will never have to be afraid of getting bored. A full life of learning what I am and what I want to be. I don’t need money to dream and everything else… is just an illusion.

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