Meanings behind data

Just found myself a new toy: global financial economics data analyzing.

And this is how I discovered that something bad happened on November 7th, that made the Euro to gain that much compared with the Czech Crown:


Which means that, in order to keep having a monthly net salary, paid in CZK, to worth the same amount in Euro, one should receive a flat increase of about 5%, which is quite a lot.

However, considering a longer term history of these parameters, looks like Czech Republic has faced even a bigger “drama” some years before, when, in the month of February, of 2009, 1 EUR surpassed even the amount of 29 CZK:EUR CZK long-term

And some other thing I discovered:czech-republic-inflation-cpi

Which means, that… I’m very very anxious to see the inflation index result for November! I mean, it means much more, but I should keep some things also for myself.

And I found something interesting about Romania:romania-inflation-cpi

Now I wonder if there is a country in the whole world who ever experienced worse numbers than the ones above..

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