Creatively overqualified

When I saw that Jupiter went “retrograde” I may have not understood correctly what it means to turn your focus into an inward development instead of an outward development. But every transition has its period of accommodation… better later than never 😀

The problem was with Mars transiting my 10th house, who forgot to acknowledge that its extra work and energy invested outwardly will not be effective anymore. Or, at least, not immediately. Which means that after November 7th, every extra effort that I invested in the area of my 10th house, will show results in the outside world barely after June 1st of 2014, when Jupiter will pass again to the degree 20 in Cancer.

But what should I do until then? Well, Jupiter in Cancer says it clearly: focus more on improving the domestic front, moreover because starting January 1st, I should get one last dose of luck in the area of my 8th House, just to be assured that on beginning of May I will be standing on a more solid ground, hard enough to tackle with the tasks for which I worked for the past 3 weeks.

Just one more week and Mars will move on, into the 11th House, where it will stay until the end of January and, after a touch of the 12th, from the beginning of April until middle of July. And then, Jupiter will enter Leo. And with Jupiter in the 9th House in Leo and Mars in my 12th House all my problems will disappear through drama by miracle.

Last time when Jupiter was there I was about to move to Bucharest and start my College years and the first time it was when I was going into the 1st grade. Now, thinking at August of 2014, I’m curious what it is after Bachelor, Master and 7 years of work experience, from which 2 in a foreign country.

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