New year – new passions

Today, on the front right seat of my family’s car, while returning from visiting some relatives in a different county, after I finished 3 consecutive games of Bejeweled on my HTC, with score over 200.000, I realized that I need to adopt some (new) passions, more suitable for my age and talents.

Based on what I know so far, after the winter vacation, until the end of April, I will go back to live and work in Prague. And it seems that little by little, due to the energy I invested there in 2012 and 2013, the most important attractions for me tend to concentrate on a smaller and smaller frame of space and time.

Therefore, I’m in the search of new inspiring ways to channel my creative energy, according to my talents and to the fact that 2014 is my number 1 personal year. Like 2005, 1996 and 1987. And what better way to inspire myself than reviewing some old family photo albums, over a plate of traditional Romanian Christmas meal and a lovely cup of hot wine 🙂

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